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About us


Starjabu games is a Kenyan Game Development studio that is passionate about creating games with a distinct African identity.

 We are committed to delivering an authentic African digital experience and to working with professionals from across the globe to realize our core mandate. We are currently developing and prototyping one PC game and updating a previously developed mobile game. We have also published our first mobile game on Google PlayStore!

Nduthi-Kevo's Hustle

About Nduthi-Kevo's Hustle

Nduthi Kevo's Hustle is a Kenyan casual mobile game. Your goal is to earn money by picking passengers and droping them to their destinations.


The game features a dynamic open world where the player controls his Nduthi with a joystick. A timer is activated after picking a passenger and you have to drop them before time ends.


Nduthi Kevo's Hustle was developed for a period of 5 months and continues recieving continous updates in order to provide an enjoyable gaming experience. 

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About Natival

Natival is an African RPG featuring survival mechanics and game-play. You take the Role of Ogoxo. A new age prince in the Kingdom of New Africa. He is tasked with travelling to the past and learning the ways of his people as he prepares to take his place in an advanced but troubled kingdom.


The game moves across the the Kingdom of New Africa in the year 2080 to the earlier times in pre-colonial Africa with the aid of modern time simulation and assisted time travel. The player has to complete quests and collect various items that will be needed to advance.


Natival is in the initial stages of development. The game is being developed for PC  by a group of 3 hardcore gamers with an intention to add more artists and programmers as the project grows. The aim is to have a working prototype by March 2021 as we push for crowd-funding and collaboration.

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